I almost sustained serious injury today jumping from tree to tree about fifteen feet off the ground in the woods at a nature preserve in Gainesville, FL. It had been raining and my grip couldn’t handle the wet tree bark on impact when I tried to secure myself and land the jump. Thanks to Brandon Sewall and Primitive Movement – I didn’t fall awkwardly and get injured, instead I instinctually focused on landing balanced, with a slight bend in the knees into a forward roll to break the fall. Luckily it worked out and I just popped up and kept moving unscathed. This is proof that with practice and focus, his approach builds a smart body and instinctual behaviors that will help one react to all of life’s everyday surprises. Whether you’re falling from a tree or about to get hit buy a bus in New York City, training with Brandon will equip you with the tools to build a strong intelligent body that will help you in lifes unexpected situations. Thank you Brandon and Primitive Movement. #primalallday

-John M




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Bum 202

The squat is the universal resting pose not only for the human animal, but for every land mammal as well. Lazy-Boy recliners, exercise machines, and our footwear have become the root of all evil for finding this rest position. The squat refers to a position where the knees are in flexion to the point that the back of the thighs rest against the calves with the heels remaining flat on the floor. Children under the age of four instinctively use this position in many given situations: when they want to reach for something low, a comfortable posture to fully interact, or — most often to engage in play:) Throughout existence we have relied on the squatting posture even into our later years as a technique for: performing work, eating meals, resting,… Read more

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